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Hiang Seng Fibre Container Co., Ltd. traces its origins back to the early part of this century and was established in its present form in 1968. It is today one of the largest single integrated paper and packaging manufacturer in Thailand serving some 30% of the domestic market. In order to maintain and develop this leading position in Thailand's rapidly growing economy, Hiang Seng has successfully assigned the highest priorities to product quality and process engineering as well as to sales and on-time delivery.

We are proud to offer an expanding range
of highest quality paper and packaging products.


Hiang Seng Fibre container Co., Ltd. produces a wide range of paper and corrugated products. Our products are highlighted below

  • Liner Paper Liner Paper is used in the production of Corrugated Board and Cartons.
  • Extensible Sack Kraft Paper Extensible Sack Kraft Paper is highly durable and resistant to impact. Hiang Seng manufactures and supplies this product to manufacturers of bags for the cement, animal food, plastics and chemical industries.
  • Corrugated Medium Paper Corrugated Medium Paper is suitable for making the fluting in the manufacturing of Corrugated Board in between the Liner Paper as described above.
  • Corrugated Sheet Board Hiang Seng manufactures and supplies single wall, double wall Corrugated Board.
  • Corrugated Cartons Hiang Seng manufactures and supplies two kinds of Corrugated Carton. The Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) is printed, creased, slotted, glued and folded into the finished product. The print contains logo, image of goods for advertising, and other necessary information such as using instruction. This type of box is designed to protect goods during stacking in warehouse and during transportation. The other kind of carton is Die-Cut Carton which is made by die-cutting the corrugated board into different shapes and sizes, printed with advertising materials, storage, and other necessary information. This type of box is designed for transportation of light weight product such as instant noodles, or self supporting product such as drinks in glass or plastic bottle.
  • Multi-wall Sack Kraft Paper Bags We supply three and four layer Multi-Wall Sack Kraft Paper Bags to the cement, animal food, plastic and chemicals industries.
  • Gummed Paper Type This product is primarily used for sealing Corrugated Board Cartons and Boxes.
  • Paste Valve Paper and Sub Bag Paper Type Hiang Seng supplies Paste Valve Paper and the paper used to seal the base of Multi-Wall Sack Kraft paper bags (Sub Tape Paper). These products are primarily used in the manufacturing of Multi-Wall Cement Sack.


Paper Making Process

Two kinds of pulp are used as the raw material for paper production i.e., Virgin Kraft Pulp and Recycled Waste Paper either collected from domestic or imported waste paper. The ratio of virgin pulp to recycle used in the production process is determined by the properties required of the paper.

Paper is manufactured in two distinct stages of production, the stock preparation process and the papermaking process. The process is 24 hours operated with series of latest equipment and automation. Virgin Kraft Pulp and Recycled Waste Paper are diluted in water called “Stock” which will be screened, dispersed, refined and mixed with chemical additives to improve property of fiber. Final stock will be stored in machine chest.

Fan Pump pumps stock through the Headbox of Paper Machine. Here the stock is distributed evenly onto a forming fabric running continuously to produce a uniform and continuous sheet of paper. The water in the stock drains through the forming fabric and fiber in stock form as wet paper sheet is transferred to the Press Section where water will be further removed by mechanical pressing. Paper is carried by felt into Drying Section where the moisture left in paper will be removed by hot dryer rollers heated by steam.

Paper is calendered and wound into jumbo rolls of the paper machine width. The rolls are then slit and rewound to required width and diameter. Finished rolls are strapped or wrapped and stored in warehouse, ready for transport to the customers.

Corrugated Carton Process

Corrugated Carton The production of corrugated carton is divided into two steps.

Corrugated Process The Corrugator uses paper rolls from the Paper Mill as raw materials. Heat and corrugating rolls will form fluting from Corrugated Medium Paper of 100% recycled fiber, then glued with back liner paper and front liner paper. Heat from steam hot plate will dry the glue applied to bond different layers of paper. The full width corrugated board will be slit and cut to required dimensions to be used in the next process. The corrugated sheet board is available in B, C flute for Single Wall Board and BC Flute for Double Wall Board.

Converting Process Converting requires different kind of printing and converting machines to convert corrugated sheet board into required carton type and size, which can be categorized into Regular Slotted Carton and Die Cut Carton.

Regular Slotted Carton or RSC box type has high stacking strength and is widely used to protect goods during storage or transportation. It is produced on a Flexo Folder Gluer Machine where corrugated sheet board will be fed into the feeder and print different color of water-based ink using Flexo Graphic Techniques. It will be creased and slotted, glued and folded. Finished cartons are counted, stacked, and bundled into 10 to 25 pieces of carton. The process is completed within one machine to keep accuracy of printing, folding and squareness of the carton which is important for stacking or transportation.

Die Cut Carton is either processed on a Flat Bed Die Cutter or a Rotary Die Cutter. Corrugated sheet is fed into series of Flexo Printing Units of the Die Cutter to print required text and graphics. Then it will be transferred to die cut section of the machine where the sheet will be cut, creased, perforated. Flat Bed Die Cutter is used for complicated form of die cut pattern i.e., live chicken carton, while Rotary Die Cutter is used for mass production of simple die cut pattern i.e., wrap around carton. The wrap around carton is highly demanded in the beverage markets for can, glass bottle, UHT drinks.

Multi-Wall Sack Kraft Bag Process

The Multi-Wall Sack Kraft Bag is made from multiple ply of sack kraft paper, printed and form into tube and square bottom. The Bag Making Machine consists of three sections i.e., printer, tuber and bottomer. A valve is attached for feeding materials into the bag. It is widely used for packing of cement, chemical or animal food in powder or pallet form.


One of our key policies has been consistent investment in production technology. As a consequence of this strategy, Hiang Seng has been able to maintain its dominant market position. Learn more...


We are strongly committed to a high level of training to ensure that our staff are constantly upgrading their skills in order to deliver the best possible products and service to our customers.


At 1,500 tonnes per day, our paper mill is one of the largest in Thailand, and offers a reliable supply in which both the Thai government and private sector clients are happy to place their trust.

Management Team


สุทัศน์ เตชะวิบูลย์

Mr. Suthas Tejavibulya


สุธี เตชะวิบูลย์

Mr. Sutee Tejavibulya

Vice President

ศรัณยู เตชะวิบูลย์

Mr. Sarunyou Tejavibulya

Managing Director


โชตินนท์ เตชะวิบูลย์

Mr. Chotinon Tejavibulya

Executive Director



กฤษกร เตชะวิบูลย์

Mr. Kritsakorn Tejavibulya

Director of Operations


รพีพรรณ อัศวินวิจิตร

Mrs. Rapeepun Asvinvichit

Director of Finance

ดร. พงศ์สิริ เตชะวิบูลย์

Pongsiri Tejavibulya, PhD

Director of Marketing



ดุลพัฒน์ มหัตถนาพาณิช

Mr. Dullaphat Mahathanaphanij

Assistant Managing Director


ทรงยศ ตรีวัฒนชัยกุล

Mr. Songyos Triwatanachaikul

Sales Manager, Box Division


สมบุญ พีระธนะกุล

Mr. Sombun Peratanakul

Sales Manager, Paper Division


ชาญชัย เบ็ญจนิรัตน์

Mr. Chanchai Benjaniratn

Paper Mill Manager


Mr. Johann Muhry

Mr. Johann Muhry

Process Manager, Paper Making


Mr. George Lo

Mr. George Lo

Process Manager, Power & Box Plant


อโนชา ผลพานิชเจริญ

Ms. Anocha Phonpanitcharoen

Finance Manager


ณกมล ปุคคละนันท์

Miss Nakamol Pukkalanun

Sales Executive



Over the years, Hiang Seng has invested in first class machinery for paper making, corrugated carton and Multi-Wall Bag converting. Each process will be controlled with latest automation and computer programming to reduce variation in process and ensure consistency of final product quality.

Thanks to advance recycling process and paper machine technology. More and more recycled fiber can be used as raw materials while specification of paper can be maintained. This will reduce use of fresh pulp and preserve forest.

In paper machine we have employed latest 0.5 mm screening system to classify and screen clean fiber to use in multi layer paper machine. Hydraulic Headbox with dilution control can distribute fiber more evenly to achieve better cross machine basis weight profile. Shoe Press is used in Press Section to give better strength of paper while maintain caliper of paper which will improve stacking strength of paper. All machines are equipped with Size Press Unit where starch is applied in onto paper surface and penetrate by two roll nip. It improves paper strength both stacking and bursting properties. The process is controlled by QCS to maintain paper basis weight and moisture profile to be within specification.

Our corrugating plants employ fast running 2.5 meter corrugators and various converting machine i.e., Flexo Folder Gluer from France and Japan, Flat Bed Die Cutter from Switzerland, Rotary Die Cutter from China/USA. Finish carton is tested by International Standard Tappi/ISO and certified before delivery to customers. Our carton has been proven in the market for its high stacking strength and rigid board suit for automatic packing machine.


Apart from our focus on the development of Hiang Seng's business, we are seriously committed to conserving the environment both world-wide and nationally, in order to protect our planet for future generations.

To this Hiang Seng has installed waste paper recycling facilities in order to conserve use of virgin pulp. This recycling significantly reduces consumption of natural resources whilst maintaining optimal paper quality. We also protect the local environment with our highly effective effluent treatment systems which we operate at levels well in excess of the strict legal requirements limiting release of pollutants into local waterways.

As one of the leading economics of South East Asia, Thailand continues its strong and steady growth. Against this background, Hiang Seng is proud to be able offer an expanding range volume of paper and packaging product of the highest quality. At the same time we remain committed to ongoing preservation of the environment.



Our target is to produce the highest quality and strength of paper and corrugated carton without any compromise to the quality from the use of recycled fibre. Up to date equipment and process will consistently be employed to ensure top class product quality while our reliable logistic service and timely delivery will benefit product and cost management to our customers.

Sustainability becomes a global interest in the recent years. People are aware of the use of limited natural resources. In paper industry, recycling is more and more popular as raw materials to replace the use of virgin pulp. At Hiang Seng, we continue to increase the recycling ratio to achieve full recycling for all grades of paper.

Environment and renewable energy is another area of our interest. In the Paper Mill we successfully installed the Reactor from Europe for effluent treatment by anaerobic bacteria. The bacteria digest contaminants in effluent and produce methane gas as by product. Effluent from the Reactor will have 75% lower in COD which requires much lower electrical power in the aerobic treatment, while methane gas becomes fuel for steam boiler. The system preserves the environment, reduces the use of limited natural resources such as coal and conserves the energy at the same time.

Social Service Activities

Besides the development of the company's business Hiang Seng also focusing on various social service activities as well as coordinating with society helping and supporting in activities from both the government and the private sector.

Hiang Seng’s Field hospital and Quarantine zone inside Samutsakorn Factory as a cluster prevention protocol
Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Minister and Minister of Public Health opens a 100-bed field hospital inside Hiang Seng’s Samutsakorn factory to isolate COVID – 19 patients for disease control either inside factory or nearby households. On 4th August 2021 at Hiang Seng’s Samutsakorn Factory (Bangpla plant) Deputy Minister and Minister of Public Health Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy permanent secretary for health Sura Wisetsak and Department of Health Services Support director Tharet Karatnairawiwong unveiled a Factory Accommodation Isolation: FAI inside Hiang Seng’s factory. Mr. Anutin said Ministry of Public Health currently focus on the COVID-19 diagnosis policy with an Antigen Test Kit (ATK) to separate positive patients using Home isolation, Community isolation and Factory Accommodation Isolation protocol to prevent cluster infection. Hiang Seng provide our space to build 100-bed field hospital and quarantine zone for either our staff or nearby community members. All medical service will be implemented by medical staff from Vichaivej Hospital. Our facility passed an inspection from Department of Health Service Support which guaranteed to be safe for nearby households.
2nd Hiang Seng’s Anti COVID-19 Charity
Mr. Sarunyou Tejavibulya, Managing Director and Mr. Chotinon Tejavibulya, Executive Director donated 5,000 Paper beds which has been manufacture by our company, calculated total cost is 3.75 Million Baht to Present Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. Every Paper bed will be used at Busarakham Hospital, IMPACT Arena Exhibition & Convention Center
1st Hiang Seng’s Anti COVID-19 Charity
Managing Director Mr. Sarunyou Tejavibulya, Director of Operations Mr. Kritsakorn Tejavibulya and Director of Marketing Mr. Pongsiri Tejavibulya, Ph.D. donate 3,500 Paper beds to Deputy Minister and Minister of Public Health Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul for COVID-19 field hospitals.
Buddhist Lent Candle Procession
On Buddhist Lent Candle day Hiang Seng annually donate Tradition candle and budget to Buddhist temple. Hiang Seng’s Ekkachai 2 Plant arrange a charity to donate at Ruam Jai Pitak Tham Temple, Tha Takiap District, Chachoengsao Province. Donated items consist of budget for Hall of Worship / cubicle / toilet / kitchen, school supplies, Buddha statue smelting, etc.
Sharing for Children Charity
On November 5th, 2017 at Border Patrol Police Ban Pa Mak School, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Hiang Seng donate a subvention for children in rural area and send some staff to arrange a lunch at the school.
Sharing for Southerners Charity
Hiang Seng donate a subsidy to Nakhon Si Thammarat people who affected from flooding. Donated items consist of dry-food and essential items for living. We also organize a fieldwork for some household who not able to reach the donation point.


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